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Monday, September 24, 2007


After The Summer From Hades, full of marital discord, mental illness, fiscal crises and endless broken everything (furnace, car, computer, dryer, sink ...) I have finally gotten my act together and the box, she has made like Elvis and left the building.

It came in at 24 lbs, 9 oz, and left at 24 lbs 4 oz or so. Pretty close. I'm quite sure I put in a similar quantity of yarn, so it has to be that the book I put in was much lighter. Yes, I'm feeling guilty over 5 oz. *g*

yarn in
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This is what I narrowed my choice down to, from all of the absolutely lovely yarn in the box.

I certainly could have taken more, far more but I exhibited unusual restraint and narrowed it down to one book and eight skeins.

Of particular delight was the copy of Stitch N Bitch Nation. I've wanted this book forever -- thank you to whoever put it in the box!

My daughter has demanded that I knit something for her from the pink sock yarn and I believe my husband (who, as a matter of fact, is still living and still living here has designs on the grey and blue Opal sock yarn. I'm sort of hoping that the blue sock yarn and the Moda Dea get to be mine.

yarn out
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This is what went back into the box.

There is a copy of Shannon Oakey's "Spin to Knit", three skeins of Cascade 220 (face it, I'm never making Eris, or if I do it won't be in that yarn.) There are four balls of Pingouin something or other -- they look like they've been partially used but I weighed them and they're all intact. Also included is one skein of bright red worsted (a hat?), two skeins of blue chunky weight (more than enough for a scarf) and two (possibly two and a bit) balls of elann baby silk -- enough for a Branching Out scarf, or something similar.

And now ... around and around it goes. Where does it stop?

I'm not telling.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


After spending just a few days, the Traveling Stash is almost ready to depart the sunny shores of California for destinations unknown!

Sassy, aka She of Ever Discernable Taste and Inestimible Curiosity Regarding All Things In Boxes, helped me narrow it down the perfect yarns to remain behind with me.

Regia Mystery Lace

Two fifty-gram balls of Regia sock yarn in a manly colorway for manly socks to be knitted in the near whenever, and a lovely ball of hand-painted mystery lace. Fiber content? Yardage? Weight? It's a mystery, but even so, it's beautiful and it's staying. Along with 1 pattern:

Pattern in

And with every hostage exchange, you gotta give to get, so...

Sport Madrid Patterns out

12 balls of linen/cotton blend (enough for a sweater) and 3 patterns.

Next destination? Only the Shadow knows...

Thursday, September 06, 2007

It's Arrive!

Guess what was waiting for me when I got home last night?

Yup, there's yarn in that there box! And it's massive. I'll have to wait until this weekend to go through it all, so it'll be languishing in sunny southern California for the next few days. I'll keep you posted!

Riveting, isn't it?