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Monday, February 12, 2007

In Transit!

The box headed off this morning for parts unknown to everyone except Ann and me. I thought I'd share with you Zarah's contribution to the side of the box:

Better than a post card, is it not?

The box weighed in at 22 lbs. 2.4 oz., and they charged an extra $2.90 due to the dimensions of the box itself, which is odd because they didn't do that last time and it's the exact same cardboard box. That box is still in decent shape, but it will probably need replacing after a few more visits.

I've had fun with it, and I managed to be super restrained in taking from the box, so I send it along with hopes that everyone else has as much, if not more, fun with this!


Blogger Zarah said...

Hee hee! I'm glad you liked my attempt at artwork, Susan. I just didn't think a postcard of Bass Pro Shops' flagship store (Springfield's main attraction) accurately reflected the box's experience while it was visiting me. =)

7:26 AM  

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